Shared experiences



Talks with the POEA (assisted)  Mr. T.Ossowski – Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Manila, Mr. Cacdac – POEA Administrator, Ms. Natividad – Assistant Secretary, Ms. Lenk – bsa germany


The agency organises chats between the Spanish Ambassador in Berlin and the professionals who have been hired. The professionals share their experiences and comments with the ambassador  Ángel de Goya Castroverde and with Miguel Montero Lange regarding their work in Germany


26.01.2016 – The  WIPA language school  Berlin leads together with Gempowerment, the first telc B2 exam in Manila.


„I made the right decision in choosing BSA as My Agent and Adviser. The staff are professional, competent, reliable and friendly. I am grateful for the guidance I received from You during the whole process of my Recognition, although I experience many hindrances and problems, You were there to help me achieve my biggest dream, to be a Nurse in Germany.“

Florenda Sicat – Nurse from Philippines


“I’am very grateful for the opportunity that BSA has given me. I never thought that I can work here as a nurse but now I am here in Germany and BSA supports me in the approval process for my recognition. I am very grateful to the Agency and the team for their support, understanding, integration and support for finding an apartment. In addition, I would also like to thank (GEM -Powerment (Language Training Center) and Dr. Ross for teaching the language in the Philippines. The Language is very important.It is the key to be able to work here in Germany.”

Ivy Hizon – Nurse from Philippines


“Thanks to BSA  I found this qualified  job as a staff nurse in Germany . I received from bsa competent support during the whole process. They helped me to find an apartment   and to deal with the German authorities to set everything properly up. The services from BSA are free of charge, therefore I am really grateful. Right now, I continue learning German and I am in the process of validating my qualifications.”

Sandra Bajramovic – Nurse from Croatia


“We came to Germany on our own, without any help, it would have been very difficult. The Agency helped us with all our problems.”

Jaime Ballesteros de la Cruz – Male Nurse from Spain


“The German language was very difficult for me at the beginning. The Agency helped me a great deal, for example, with particular health problems or problems with the apartment.  They helped me with every problem I had. I would choose this company again without the slightest doubt.”

Isabel Simarro Mur – Nurse from Spain


“If you do not master the language, it is very difficult with German bureaucracy. With BSA, we had an agency that supported us with all the problems we had.”

Antonio Socoli Zamora – Male Nurse from Spain

“Making the decision to move to another country, with another language, another culture, is never easy. BSA clarified the doubts and supported us from the beginning. For me the most important is the support they offer on all the paperwork needed to work, without your help would have been dificult did not understand the language. Definitely would trust them to take this big step ”

Miriam Miranmbres Redondo – Nurse from Spain


“Today I want to leave a comment about BSA. It is a very competent company, they took on responsibility and have been  organizing everything for us to be fine. They have also  done everything to try to fix these minor problems that always can arise. I am grateful for all   they have done for me and I am very happy with the service received. I recommend this company above all because of the employees, which are as far as I have seen, the best if you compare it to others. They are taking care and they are trying to do everything for us and after that experience, I can say that that you really appreciate this kind of help when you are living in a foreign country.”

Maria del Martirio Perez Alonso – Nurse from Spain

“With BSA, I had very good experiences in Germany, although the work is not easy. BSE offered me new opportunities.”

Bilyana Dimitrova – Nurse from Bulgaria


“One needs to adapt, learn and be open, because medicine is different in each country. I work in Germany thanks to BSA. For me, this agency is a very important ally. They come up with what they promise.

Teodora Nikolova – Nurse from Bulgaria


“With BSA, we were given a very warm welcome and a lot of support. I like my job here in Germany.”

Vasil Dimitrov – Physiotherapist from Bulgaria


“BSA is the first contact for a new chance. Don’t be frightened to do it. It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible.  Living in Germany is different. It’s important to learn the language.”

Desislava Borisova – Nurse from Bulgaria


“BSA is a spot of luck. It is like a friend who helps me when I have problems. It is not easy, but with BSA’s support it is much easier.”

Dafinka Avrionova – Nurse from Bulgaria


“I have integrated into the labour environment and also into life in Germany. This is all thanks to BSA. They have done a lot for me without asking for any money in exchange.”

Ivanka Kuserova – Nurse from Bulgaria