You want to work in Germany. You are looking for a suitable job and are hoping to get your qualification recognised in Germany.

Business Service Agentur takes care of all the paperwork free of charge.

We expect our candidates to:

-        Become familiar with the new tasks and professional practices that are sometimes different from those in their country of origin

-        Be willing and able to integrate in their destination country

-        Have a good knowledge of the German language and willingness to continue advancing in their linguistic skills

-         Be highly motivated and flexible

-         Show commitment and dedication to the satisfaction of their patients


Once we have received your application for a job, Business Service Agentur selects the suitable candidates. We then start a selection and preparation process with these candidates.

Requirements for the mediation:

-        Study of the applications

-         Verification of the training equivalents as a condition for the recognition of the professional qualification in Germany


-        Selection interview with professional experts from Germany

-        Key points in the interview: professional experience, personal motivation to work in Germany and family situation

-        Preparation of a candidate profile


-        The candidate profile is the basis for suitable mediation with a German medical institution

-        The candidate receives information about the proposed medical institution in Germany

-         If the candidate profile corresponds to the client’s requirements, a work contract is organised


-         Participation in an intensive German language course in the country of origin

-        Candidates prepare the necessary documentation for their qualifications to be recognised in Germany

-         Business Service Agentur hands over applications for work permits

-        Pass the language exam