Our methodology

Our model in stages has shown itself to be effective for the selection and integration of our candidates and has become one of the quality criteria of our job.

1.  Analysis of needs

- Definition of the job profile

- Determination of the need for staff, medium and long-term

- Analysis of the characteristics of their institution and of their work features


2. Search for candidates

- Selection measures in the countries of origin

- Verification of professional competence: diplomas and academic certificates

- Checking on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany


3. Selection process

- Pre-selection carried out by qualified German staff in the country of origin

- Systematic evaluation – motivation for new professional openings, family situation, knowledge of the language and ability to integrate

- Determining the potential success quotas

- Proposing the ideal candidates for the company in Germany





4. Preparation phase

- The suitable candidates are given a work contract with a German medical institution and start the phase of active preparation in their country of origin

- Work permit is obtained

- Organisation of language courses (B2- language level as a condition for the recognition of professional qualifications in Germany)

- Organisation of the arrival


5. Welcome

- Meet and greet at the airport

- Temporary accommodation provided by the company

- Preparation and organisation of all the administrative procedures

- Constant contact with the candidates  – 24-hour accessibility


6.  Assistance

- Preparation of the recognition process, compiling documentation for the relevant administration

- Taking on powers of attorney for the candidate in the recognition process with the relevant administration, to help the recognition process

- Organisation of additional language classes

- Frequent consultations and visits to the candidates to solve problems or difficulties

- Accompaniment during integration process by means of continuous feedback questionnaires from the companies

- Support in looking for a home

- Professional support during the arrival of family members from the country of origin


Each candidate may decide freely on the services offered. Each medical institution takes the decision on how far they will accompany candidates in the integration process.