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Why select personnel through Business Service Agentur?

Your medical institution needs to fill vacant jobs as soon as possible. You need qualified staff to meet your needs and demands. Business Service Agentur offers a reliable, trustworthy alternative for developing the staff in your company.

Through our personal support you can ensure the demand for qualified staff in your company is met without investing additional time. By means of a qualified selection process in the country of origin, we exclusively choose specialised people who meet the health requirements of German regulations. Specialist German staff attend the selection processes in the countries of origin.

We aim to be your partner, not just your mediator, during the selection process. By offering far-reaching assistance to new employees, we guarantee their successful integration in your institution during the first year.

The added value of our job lies in the accompaniment we offer throughout the integration process, in our fast response to any problem in the process, whether in the private or cultural area and in helping to solve problems and offering a guarantee for a long working relationship.